September 2013

Fair Fun Friday

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Animals, gardens, clowns, a 13 foot alligator, a mechanical bull named T-bone. This is what the FFA experienced on September 13, 2013 at the Utah State Fair.

The Ag teachers wanted to get students involved, so they arranged the trip for the FFA. They planned an assignment that took students on a tour around the fair.

Students spent about three and a half hours at the fair, learning and enjoying the sun.

"Everyone should experience the state fair," said Gavin Wilkey, FFA member.

Cortney Anderson

SFHS Scores Big with AP Tests

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Dave McKee has been with Spanish Fork High School for nine years now, and he has never seen anything close to a 89.7% pass rate for AP tests. But that's exactly what Spanish Fork High School earned for the spring 2013 testing season.

SFHS came in first in the district with second place coming in at just over 60% passing. "This says a lot about our kids," said McKee. 

Abraham Zambrano

SFHS Goes Into the Woods for Fall Musical

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Rehersals are underway for Spanish Fork High School's fall musical, Into the Woods. The cast was selected at the end of August.

Musical directior, Shea Bradshaw said, "This show demands a larget vocal range from very high to moderately low. Each cast member needs to be able to sing very well."

Director Bonnie Beckstead said, "This show has a lot of musical number and that means this is a very vocal intensive production." She went on to say, "Every person in the cast was made for the role they are in."

Into the Woods opens in November.

McKabe Jolley

SF Marching Band in Onion Days Parade

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Spanish Fork High School Marching Band made its final parade appearance of the season in the Onion Days parade in Payson on Labor Day. 

"This parade was the best out of all the parades we have done," said Sara Nasson, color guard coach. "We have never done better than this. They did a great job with their performance, confidence, and musicality."

Clint Roberts, band director, said, "The songs and flag work have improved a bunch. The band was more upbeat and positive."

Rhiannon Martin

New Math Teacher at SFHS

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If you see a new face in the math department, it may be Sarah Clements. She is a new teacher at Spanish Fork High School. Clement teaches Secondary Math 2. She graduated college from Utah Valley University where she played both basketball and volleyball. She has some awesome posters of her playing volleyball and basketball hanging on the walls in her classroom. We are glad Ms. Clement is here at Spanish Fork High School.

Carson Hansen

Math Department Welcomes Heather Stephens

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Spanish Fork High School welcomed Heather Stephens to the faculty for the 2013-2014 school year.  When asked why she wanted to work at SFHS, Stephens said, "I student taught here last year and really like this school. I like the teachers here because they are really cooperative." 

Mrs. Stephens attended Brigham Young University. She is a full-time member of the math department. About teaching math, she said, "It's harder than you think it would be, but it's fun." 

Welcome Mrs. Stephens to Spanish Fork High School.

Kaisha Brunson

Welcome Back and Have Fun!

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The Spanish Fork High School student body officers and class councils hosted a welcome back assembly on Friday, August 23, to greet new and returning students to SFHS.

At the assembly, student body president, Tate Paxton presented this year's school theme: "Have Fun." This theme was portrayed through a series of videos created by each individual council. Video highlights inlcuded trips to Taco Bell, smashing TVs, and an appearance by Nacho Libre.

Other assembly highlights included performances by the cheerleaders and drill team, and the classic school cheer, "We Feel Good."

Matt Gubler, Cadence Memmott, Anthony Day, Kacey Madsen, McKabe Jolley, Rhiannon Martin

Rock Solid Tradition Continues at SFHS

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Students at SFHS are rockin' their new rock solid shirts. For the fifth year in a row, every student at Spanish Fork High received a t-shirt with the words "rock solid" printed on the back. Giving these t-shirts to students has become a tradition that principal Dave McKee is very proud of. "The t-shirts unite the student body, and since everyone has one, no one can really feel left out," McKee said. Students love the shirts, too. Junior Payden Howard said, "I think it's cool that we're the only school that gives everyone a t-shirt." This year's shirts are black.

Kaisha Brunson, Ashley Doran, Cortney Anderson, Sawyer Hamilton, Brooklyn Frisby, Abraham Zambrano