September 2013

Utah County Health Department Notice

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Dear Parents,

A student at SFHS has recently been diagnosed with Pertussis (whooping cough).  The student is being kept at home, on antibiotics and will not return to school until cleared by a doctor.

Please read the attached letter from the Utah County Health Department.  The letter will give you more information about Pertussis signs and symptoms and how to protect your child.


SFHS Administration


Principal McKee Visits D.C.

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Spanish Fork High School principal Dave McKee returned to SFHS Monday, September 23, 2013, after spending nearly a week in our nation's capitol. McKee traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Utah as the Utah High School Principal of the Year.

"It was an awesome trip," said McKee.

While in Washington, McKee toured the Capitol Building and met with Utah congressment and senators. He met with each representative individually to talk about education.

Abraham Zambrano

Seminary Serves Lunch

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The seminary staff at Spanish Fork High School hosted a big barbeque during lunch on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. They served hot dogs, chips, cookies, and water outside the seminary building.

The line to get food was crazy long; it took about 5-10 minutes beginning to end. In fact, the attendance was so great that the staff had to cook additional hot dogs.

The food was offered to all students free of charge. 

Carson Hansen

Is Freedom Worth Fighting For? (editorial)

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We have all heard of the happenings in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Afghanistan where the people are fighting for their freedom. We have heard throughout our lives the stories of how dictators, monarchs, and various tyrants have fallen in civil wars and revolutions. In these overthrows, hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, have been killed, just so the people can be free. This raises a question. Is freedom worth fighting for?

Sawyer Hamilton

Importance of Homecoming Week (editorial)

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When attending Spanish Fork High School, there is nothing better than being part of Homecoming week, a week full of partying, dancing, action, and best of all, being around the people you love and having an outright blast.

Homecoming is very important to the students and staff of SFHS. The assembly especially stands out because as many students said, being able to hear about old memories from past students leaves everyone excited, knowing that our homecoming assembly is bigger and better.

Anthony Day

Seniors Rise with the Sun

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Seniors at Spanish Fork High School woke up before the sun on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 to watch the sun rise with their classmates at the annual Senior Sunrise event.

Nibbling on muffins, fruit, and cereal, seniors waited for the sun to come up. Around 7:00 a.m. seniors began feeling disappointed; the clouds blocked the sunrise.

"I was kind of disappointed," said Anna Mathison. "It was fun to sit with my classmates and friends, but it was sad that the clouds were in the way."

Taralin Durrant

Dons Take on the Devils at the Homecoming Game

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Spanish Fork High School gathered with high spirits on Friday, September 13, 2013 for the Homecoming football game as the football team took on the Red Devils of Springville. Much of the student body showed their support by wearing their rock solid t-shirts.

An SF senior said, "I have been going to SFHS for three years now and my favorite memories are of the SF football games."

Harley Smith

A Night in Black and White

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Spanish Fork High School celebrated the end of Homecoming week with the Homecoming dance on Saturday, September 14, 2013. After a week of activities, the dance was a huge success. 

The dance followed a black and white theme. The D-gym was decorated with black and white paper, tulle, and balloons. Decorations also featured 10 feet tall cutouts of dancing couples and a 15 feet long antique car cutout. A highlight of the decorations was a large paper skyline where couples could sign their names in chalk.

Kevin Johnson

It's Never to Late to Fiesta!

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It may have been a week late, but nothing stopped Spanish Fork High School from enjoying the Homecoming fiesta. Students gathered at the pavilion west of the main gym on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. The fiesta had originally been scheduled for Wednesday, September 11, 2013, but the event was postponed due to rainy weather.

Around 200 students turned out for food, drinks, and volleyball. The swimming pool was also open for the event. Students said it was a great time to meet up with friends, talk to girls and guys, and socialize with new people.

Tui Tuaone

Marching Band Takes the Field at Provo High School

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Spanish Fork High School Marching Band performed at Provo High School on September 14, 2013. It was a chance for all of the different marching bands in the area to get feedback on their competition show from other people instead of just their coaches.

"It was a lot less stressful on Saturday because  we had already performed it once before," said Seryn Martin, color guard member.

The band's show is made up of music from Phantom of the Opera. They first performed their show at halftime of the Homecoming football game on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Rhiannon Martin