Marching Band Takes the Field at Provo High School

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Spanish Fork High School Marching Band performed at Provo High School on September 14, 2013. It was a chance for all of the different marching bands in the area to get feedback on their competition show from other people instead of just their coaches.

"It was a lot less stressful on Saturday because  we had already performed it once before," said Seryn Martin, color guard member.

The band's show is made up of music from Phantom of the Opera. They first performed their show at halftime of the Homecoming football game on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Color guard coach Sarah Nasson said, "There have been great improvements in my guard. I loved "Wishing." It was super beautiful. The white silks just stand out on the field. I love the 10 foot poles the best. They surely improve everyday. They improved a lot even from one night. We have learned how much they can accomplish this season."

Marching band coach Clint Roberts said, "Compared to Homecoming, it was fresher. Overall, it's ten times better even just from Homecoming. They stayed mentally involved; they did not get lost at all. They knew what they were supposed to be doing and where they were supposed to do it."

Rhiannon Martin