Is Freedom Worth Fighting For? (editorial)

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We have all heard of the happenings in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Afghanistan where the people are fighting for their freedom. We have heard throughout our lives the stories of how dictators, monarchs, and various tyrants have fallen in civil wars and revolutions. In these overthrows, hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, have been killed, just so the people can be free. This raises a question. Is freedom worth fighting for?

Our own nation was once in a position where we were screaming for "liberty and justice for all," and we were willing to die for it. We were small, a group of colonies, looking in the face of the huge powerful beast known as England, ruled by a tyrant and his followers. The war we fought from 1775-1781 cost the United States thousands of lives, but in return for fighting this war and winning, the United States got a great reward: freedom.

The American Revolution inspired revolutions of all kinds in Europe, Africa, and South America. Everywhere, governments ruled by a singe person or government party have been replaced by democracies and multi-party republics because the citizens of these nations are willing to fight for their freedoms.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, "Was this war worth it?" but then we think of what the outcome was. Freedom, justice, and elected officials, plus power to the people. If it ever came down to it, would you be willing to fight for freedom?

Sawyer Hamilton