February 2017

SF Dons Plaques

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Celebrate your time as a Don! Hope Squad is selling personalized SF Dons plaques for students or parents to order for students. You can put your name and year you are graduating on them.  They come in two sizes:8X12 = $1011X17 = $15Pay finance office and then we will send you the link to fill out before submitting your form. Once we get all the orders in we will have them back in about 2 weeks.    


Boys Next Door

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You don't want to miss this! Our awesome DramaDons have been working hard to bring you Tom Griffin's comedy/drama The Boys Next Door.

"Griffin's play hits squarely on the truth of life with its constant interplays and shadings of triumphs and tears." —NY Daily News. 

"THE BOYS NEXT DOOR moves the audience to an awareness of how many things in everyday life we take for granted…" —NY Times.


Andy Hunsaker