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March 2010

FCCLA Participants Enjoyed their Experience at State Convention

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 13:45
By Paige Sanford and Andrea De Paz
FCCLA - Annie and Katie Morris

FCCLA, (Family Career and Community Leaders of America), student Amberly Larsen who is the state officer of FCCLA was awarded a scholarship for her interest in the field of family and consumer science education. The requirements needed for this scholarship was her participation in FCCLA for two years, fill out an application and be interviewed as well. She has proven her leadership skills through her hard work and dedication and she was one of the four candidates that received this prestigious scholarship.
Sisters Katie and Annie Morris received second place in their project called “Star Events Students Taking Action with Recognition.” This project was to promote and publicize FCCLA and received many awards, including the silver medal in state and the bronze for region. Katie said this of their project, “It was lots of fun and a good experience for us.” Though they wished they could’ve gone to nationals, they were happy that they participated in this project. “It was a good experience being in front of the judges”, Annie said. Congratulations to all the participants, and to Amberly Larsen for representing Spanish Fork and receiving the scholarship.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 13:43
By Caitlin Anderson
Intern- Candace Wride

Spanish Fork High School has an internship program like no other. It is great seeing students taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. It assists students that are not quite sure what they want to pursue in a future career or helps them gain experience in a career field they are interested in. Candace Wride has just completed an internship at Peak’s Therapy here in Spanish Fork. She performed a variety of tasks while interning here. She would observe patient procedures while assisting the physical therapist by getting heat and ice packs. She would learn different stretches and exercises to build up and strengthen a patient following surgery or an injury. “My interest for physical therapy came through my love for coaching gymnastics, and I really enjoy interning as a physical therapist,” Candace explained after being asked what spiked her interest. Candace decided to intern as a physical therapist because of how much the human body intrigues her and she loves working with people. After graduating, Candace is planning to attend Brigham Young University and receive a Bachelors degree. She is not quite sure if this is what she will be doing for her future career, but she is loving the experience. Following Peak’s Therapy, she is now interning in Payson at Physical and Sports Therapy Services. Candace continues to amaze us all with all of her involvement and accomplishments. I will expect nothing but great things for her in the future.

Fine Arts Department Presents Benefit Concert and Takes Tour to Improve Skills

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:46
by Taylor Allred and Brent Stoneman
Art and Photography Pieces Shown in Arts Festival Show

On Tuesday, March 16th, a benefit concert was held for the Red Cross to support the various countries that were devastated by natural disasters. The concert opened up around 6:00 pm to the Art Gallery that was created by the art students. The Jazz band started off the musical section at 6:30. They played several pieces including “Night in Tunisia” and “How High the Moon.” The concert band then performed and played “Washington Post March” and an old classic called “The First Suite in Eb” by Holst. The concert continued with the Symphonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra then ended with the Chamber Orchestra. The money was raised was donated to the Red Cross.
Eager students of Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Roberts, and Mr. Isley of Spanish Fork High recently took a trip to two art shows. One at the BYU “Mirror Mirror” show, showing humans in everything they do, from emotions to activities, portraying the art of life. Springville Art Museum was the next stop, where students enjoyed a High School Art Show that was taking place, previewing all different types of art. This was all for the students, in looking at the art to help apply techniques to their own art work back in the classroom. Student art work was displayed at the Benefit Concert.

FFA Takes State at Convention

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:43
by Chaleesa Warren
FFA Convention -Chaleesa Warren and Amberly Snyder

Agricultural Education has proven to hold true to its legacy in our community through the accomplishments of members of the Spanish Fork FFA Chapter. Recently Spanish Fork FFA had the opportunity of attending the Utah FFA Association State Convention in Cedar City. Many Spanish Fork members competed. Cody Cornaby won Star State Greenhand in Agricultural Placement. Kayden Worthington won first place in swine production, Chaleesa Warren won Star State in Agribusiness. Spanish Fork's parliamentary procedure team took 4th place. Members were; Tate Jones, Tyrel Prior, Nich Jackman, Mariah Dawe, Kyle Mitchell, Chaleesa Warren and Kira Fenn. State President from Spanish Fork Amberley Snyder gave a phenomenal retiring address. In the last session Amberley Snyder installed Chaleesa Warren as the new state president. This is a rare occurrence to have back to back state presidents from the same chapter. All in all Spanish Fork
FFA had a very rewarding experience.

SFHS Window in the Workplace Invites Speaker

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:42
by Cooper Urmston
Window in the Workplace - Jared McNaughton.JPG

Recently, Spanish fork was granted the presence of Jared McNaughton. Mr. McNaughton is a specialist in the field of animal embryo transplant. The students were entertained as McNaughton explained the things involved in his job. He mentioned how he mainly works with animals of the bovine category. He has preserved some embryos from some top cows. He told of the equipment he uses, a large glove. He informed the students of ways to get into the job. Overall, Spanish Fork High School students were very glad he came.

4A State Debate Held

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:40
by Alexandra Argyle
Debate State Finals 2010

4A State Debate was held last week at the New West Lake High School. Mackenzi Burns and Sam Golightly took 5th placed in Policy Debate and got into the Quarter Finals. Other members of our Debate team did well in Public Form, Lincoln-Douglas, Ovatory, Impromptu and Student Congress- Congratulations on a job well done.
Pictured: Back row: Peter Bradford and Alyssa Wright. Middle Row: Wesley Curtin, Sarah Nelson, Mackenzi Berns, Katelyn Johnson, Ariana Lilly, Alexandra Argyle, and Jake Muhlstein. Front Row: Spencer Pugh, Chris Whitehead, Kelton Davis, Merik Richardson, Logan Wells, and Todd Griffiths is the one that is lying across the laps.

Dance Company Wows Crowd

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:39
by Kambri Shenk

Spanish Fork High School’s Dance Company had its tenth year annual Dance Company Showcase on Tuesday March 9th 2010. Studios from all over Spanish Fork came and performed as a fundraiser. There had a successful turnout. The Dance Company started out the evening with the piece “Midnight” choreographed by Leah Vincent and ended with “Shadow” by Jocelyn Waite. Throughout the program they performed “Dance of the Peacock” by Karen Oldham and numerous studios performed as well. The Dance Company performed beautifully throughout the night and everything ran smoothly. “This was a great opportunity to perform and a fun way to raise money,” said Kambri Shenk.

Spanish Fork High School Prepares for Skills USA Competition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 06:37
by Shon Tomadakis
USA Skills Team Practice

Skills USA competition is coming up really fast. The competitors from Spanish Fork High School are extremely excited and are practicing really hard. The Skills USA competition is a big gathering of students and teachers from around the state who love careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. This program helps students to gain a feel for a career in something that they enjoy doing. There are students from Spanish Fork High School that are going to Skills USA to compete in Automotive Refinishing, Automotive Dent Repair, Welding, Wood Working, Culinary Arts, and many more. Each student will compete in different categories against other students from around the state. The Skills USA competition is March 25 and 26 at the Salt Lake Community College. Wish all the competitors good luck!

SFHS students named Academic All State

Submitted by ts on Wed, 03/17/2010 - 16:14
SFHS students named Academic All State

Dallin Parkinson

Dallin Parkinson, a senior at Spanish Fork High school and captain of the swim team has received Academic All-State for swimming. Dallin is the son of Cameron and Marlene Parkinson. “I would like to thank both my parents for their patience and help on those late night English essays, and their support in all my academic goals. I would also like to thank my mom for first getting me started in swimming and my dad for the encouragement and motivation to get faster times than he did when we was swimming.”

Dallin also attributes much of award to his Coach Melissa Hartley, “When I was a sophomore at the state meet they were presenting the Academic All-State Team for 07-08, and Coach Hartley turned to me and said, ‘I expect to see you up there in two years.’ She has always known what I was capable of and wouldn’t let me achieve any less than my potential in the classroom or in the pool, and I thank her for that.”

When asked to give advice to younger athletes Dallin had this to say, “School should always come before sports because that is what’s more important. If you can succeed in school you can succeed in life.”

Rebecca Greene

Receiving the Academic All State Award was a great honor. Having done well enough in swimming as well as in my education proves that I can accomplish anything I want to. Ever since my sophomore year I have aspired to receive this award. I remember watching the seniors on my team stand on deck and get their name called. I knew that I wanted that was well and I had the capability to achieve it.

My parents, teachers, and coaches all played a vital role in my accomplishments. Push me to succeed, my parents Ed and Mary Ann Greene, made sure that I knew how important my education was, but also wanted to see me succeed in the water. They have me the confidence and opportunity to be involved in sports but made sure I had my priorities straight. Both my teachers and Coach Hartley pushed me to first do my best in academics, and second become an accomplished swimmer. It is important to be a competent student before an athlete because your education will stay with you longer than your athletic skills. However, the lessons of teamwork, dedication, and endurance that I gained in athletics will benefit me as I go in to the world beyond high school.

The prestigious honor this award gives is something all athletes should aspire to get. When my Coach Melissa Hartley called men in she was ecstatic that I was one of the ten girls who received this award. I too was excited. I had worked hard towards this and am grateful for all those people who helped me achieve this goal.

Erin Redd

Earning this award is a great accomplishment. It doesn’t come easy though. With being an athlete also comes responsibility of setting a good example to have a positive influence on others. There is no better way than doing well in the classroom as on the court. Both of these situations are both learning environments of life lessons. They both require hard work, dedication, focus, participation, and performance. As you work hard, in the classroom this will carry over into your athletic performances. You have people all along the way to help you. Your coaches, parents, friends, and teachers all support you and give you a lot of encouragement. Remember to always set goals and work towards them to make the most of your life.

Kaleb Ashworth

Academic All State has been a major goal I have since my freshman year. This award to me means that I pushed myself every second possible on the mat and in the classroom. I have my parents to think for all of this, they stuck with me no matter what. They made school the most important thing and could see the great outcome even when I couldn’t. I feel so good when I step on the mat, like I have accomplished everything. I get he same feeling when I not only get a good grade, but learn things. I would tell all younger athletes to shoot for this someday. If you work hard, everything will come together.

Mallory Murphy

Being named Academic All State is a great and honorable accomplishment. I love to dance and I’ve been dancing all my life! However, my athletic talent won’t last forever, and that is when academics will be a key for success throughout my life. I didn’t intentionally plan on receiving this award. To me, getting good grades and being academically successful has always been important, but getting recognized for my hard work is really rewarding as well.

My teachers, my coaches, and most importantly my parents, Rhett and Angela Murphy, have all helped me to become an Academic All State participant. They have all worked with me and encouraged me to try my very best in all aspects of my life. There were times throughout high school when I would be extremely overwhelmed and stressed. Being the president of the Drill Team, I had to be responsible for our Drill Team and all the activities, practices and performances we were involved in. On top of that, I had to do homework, go to work, and try and manage a social life! Fortunately, I am surrounded by great examples that were there to catch my back! They not only helped me, but they brought my talents and hobbies to a whole new level. I believe in the saying of what you put into it, you will get out of it; whatever I work hard in, I will get great benefits in return.

I believe that mixing academics with athletics is a great opportunity to become a great student, a great athlete, and a well rounded person all together. Although this award is hard work, it is completely worth it. What ahs kept me going when the going gets rough is personal motivation. I had to remember how much my future meant to me, as well as my team. In order to keep and even balance between these things, I had to be organized, driven and passionate. I think that having a great relationship with teachers and coaches help a lot as well school and athletics will conflict at one point, its inevitable! Being able to communicate with these people was crucial to help me achieve all of my tasks and responsibilities. As for your younger athletes looking into this accomplishment, do it! It feels so great to be recognized for your hard work as a student, and as an athlete. Work hard, play hard, and leave the court with no regrets! Your family, coaches, and teachers will be there to help you. Believe in yourself and the world will be yours.

New Las Chalitas Drill Team Chosen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 10:49
Taylor Nelson
SFHS Drill Team 2010-2011

The year has gone by quickly for the Las Chalitas drill team. This year’s team represented Spanish Fork very well and brought life to SFHS campus. The girls really showed what it meant to be a Las Chalita. This week it was time to pick out a new team for the 2010-2011 school year. This week the senior girls put on workshops Monday-Wednesday morning from 6:30-7:30am. The tryouts were Thursday afternoon, and the new team was decided Thursday night. For some it is another year filled with excitement and never ending fun. But, for others it will be an amazing first time experience. The members of the 2010-2011 Las Chalitas Drill Team are Kennedy Anderson, Taylor Baum, Leslie Beck, Alisha Boyack, Cassie Cooper, Audra Dedrickson, Bailey Diamond, Kailey Doty, Linzi Leifson, Jenna Lewis, McKenzie Murphy, Whitney Nielson, Marlee Olsen, Jori Pace, Tailyr Peterson, Samee Pruitt, Brenley Shenk, Paige Stodtmeister, Claire Stodtmeister, Alyse Van Ausdal, and Tiffany Wyson. Good luck to all of you girls and represent Spanish Fork well throughout the year.


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