By Caitlin Anderson
Intern- Candace Wride

Spanish Fork High School has an internship program like no other. It is great seeing students taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. It assists students that are not quite sure what they want to pursue in a future career or helps them gain experience in a career field they are interested in. Candace Wride has just completed an internship at Peak’s Therapy here in Spanish Fork. She performed a variety of tasks while interning here. She would observe patient procedures while assisting the physical therapist by getting heat and ice packs. She would learn different stretches and exercises to build up and strengthen a patient following surgery or an injury. “My interest for physical therapy came through my love for coaching gymnastics, and I really enjoy interning as a physical therapist,” Candace explained after being asked what spiked her interest. Candace decided to intern as a physical therapist because of how much the human body intrigues her and she loves working with people. After graduating, Candace is planning to attend Brigham Young University and receive a Bachelors degree. She is not quite sure if this is what she will be doing for her future career, but she is loving the experience. Following Peak’s Therapy, she is now interning in Payson at Physical and Sports Therapy Services. Candace continues to amaze us all with all of her involvement and accomplishments. I will expect nothing but great things for her in the future.