March 2010

SFHS PRO START Begins New Competition

Candace Wride
ProStart - Anjuli Humphreys
ProStart - Casey Shakespeare.
ProStart Team at Work
ProStart Team

On March 4th Spanish Fork High School’s Pro Start team consisting of Casey Shakespeare, Anjuli Humphreys, Sara Almanza, Mathew Christiansen and Sarah Nelson, competed in the Pro Start foods competition held in Salt Lake City. During this competition, the team was required to prepare a three course meal in under one hour. The team prepared a delicious meal which was then judged by a panel of judges, which consisted of chefs and restaurant owners. Throughout this completion the team was also expected to fabricate a chicken into eight parts showing their knife skills. All together the team was judged on the food’s appearance, sanitation, organization, knife skills and technical difficulty of skills. This was the first time Spanish Fork High School has been involved in this competition. Shakespeare said, “I would do it again now that we know what to expect!” Carol Larsen, Foods teacher at SFHS said, “They were able to grow close as a team.” The team was able to increase their talents in culinary arts as they represented Spanish Fork High School very well.

DECA Club Goes National

Danielle Jones
DECA _ Tanner Holt

DECA is a marketing club that focuses mainly on business. The members of DECA have the opportunity to compete in a business competition, all with high hopes to make it to state and do well with their deep knowledge of business which would then carry them to Nationals. Every year the first place winners of the state competition move on to nationals which is being held in Kentucky this year. Only few from Spanish Fork High School have made it in recent years, and this year Tanner Holt and Preston McConnell took the first place position for our state under the Virtual Business category. Holt will be representing our school in Kentucky during the vigorous competition coming up in April. When asked how he felt about attending this event, Holt responded, “I’m very nervous to be competing against so many state qualifiers, but I’m also excited to go hang out in Kentucky.” We wish him the best of luck as he foregoes his journey. Go business!

SFHS Choirs Go to California

Andi Smiley and Kristie Stoneman
Choir -Practice
Choir Spring Practice

On March 17, the choirs from Spanish Fork high School will head to California. The choirs have put in long hours of practice and hard work preparing for the festival competitions in Anaheim. The choirs will arrive early Thursday morning and will spend the day in Disneyland. The Spanish Fork Singers have the unique opportunity of performing in the park. The following day, they will travel to a local college to compete against choirs from across the nation. Last year the Singers received the prestigious Adjudicators Award as well as gold in the Show Choir competition.

Hope Squad Focuses on Fun

Shanice Szalkowski
Hope Week - Courtney Acosta, Sadie Ethington
Hope Week Arm Wreslting- Justin Afualo, Luke Krum
Hope Week- Door Decorating Winner 1
Hope Week - Clash Day Felipe Oliveira and Lauren Maughan

Spanish Fork High School’s Hope Squad had a ton of fun activities planned for Hope Week. On Monday, students learned suicide statistics and passed out “life savers.” The rest of the week included arm wrestling competition, clash day, and door decorating contests. Students also bought a rubber duck for just one buck and their name was entered into a drawing. “The winners of the drawing received gift certificates to all sorts of places around town,” said Candace Wride, a Hope Squad member. The Hope Squad was hoping for the week to be uplifting and fun so students could see there are other approaches to struggles in life besides suicide. Door Decorating Pictured: TaLeah Belliston, Tiffany Binks, and Veronica Cruz

Madri Gras Held at Spanish Fork High School

Miguel Jimenez
French Club Sponsored Mardi Gras

Spanish Fork High School’s French Club threw a Mardi Gras party in the Commons at SFHS. Mardi Gras or carnival season (in English) refers to the events of the Carnival Celebrations beginning on or after Epiphany and ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday; this is when they would eat richer, fatty foods before the fasting of the Lenten which started Ash Wednesday. New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations and size of parties. Although the French Club celebrated slightly differently, they still had a traditional king cake and participated in a pancake eating contest won by Devrick Luckau, a sophomore at SFHS. They had many other games and food. Prizes were given to winners of the different games. They also crowned a Mardi Gras king and queen, Trevor Long (king) and Whitney Hughes (queen), which was determined by a marble or in this case jawbreakers in two different slices of the king cake. Long and Hughes were given their prizes and got to run through the Mardi Gras banner. “It sure was Mardi Gras!” said Long, when asked what he thought about the party. The French Club enjoyed their miniature Mardi Gras and came close to the festiveness of the common New Orlean’s Mardi Gras.

Intern Goes on Patrol

Michael Stone
Intern - Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith, student at Spanish Fork High School, interns with the police department in Spanish Fork. “Learning the laws and getting to pull people over is a lot of fun,” says Smith. Smith also gets to learn how to process papers and other things at the police station. Dallas gets to work with the City Attorney sitting through court trials. He wants to continue his education at Dixie State College.

Spanish Fork High School Plays for Others

by Lori Swain
SFHS Jazz Band March 2010

On March 16th, Spanish Fork High School’s Band and Orchestra’s will be holding a Benefit Concert for the Red Cross. The Band Presidency, with senior Taylor Allred as President, decided to have a benefit concert to donate to others around the world, especially in light of the many disasters recently, settling on the Red Cross as the recipient of any money collected.
Playing their festival pieces, performances will include the Jazz Band, Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Symphonic Orchestra. The Art Department will also be having a display in the commons for visitors to look at before and during the intermission of the concert. Guests will have a chance to see some of SFHS’s Fine Arts firsthand.
Students have been working on their concert pieces for months, practicing and polishing since after Christmas. Selections include: “The Washington Post March”, “Chorus Angelorum”, “Sonata for Strings”, “Academic Festival”, “Procession of the Sardar”, “Ghosts of Brandenburg”, “A Night in Tunisia”, and” I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You”, each piece challenging and teaching the students about different types of music.
The Spanish Fork Jazz Band recently participated in the Region Jazz Festival on March 3rd. The Orchestra’s will be performing at Region on March 24th. Later in the month, SFHS will be hosting Region Concert Band on March 31st.
The Benefit Concert will be on March 16th at 6:00 pm in the Spanish Fork High School’s auditorium. The concert is free, but donations for the Red Cross will gladly be accepted throughout the meeting.

Little Numbers Make a BIG Difference

By: Janessa Nielsen
SFHS National Honor Society Presents $914.98 check to the American Red Cross for Haiti and Chile.
NHS with Mr. Brunson present check to Red Cross byBrandon Sheetz.jpg

Spanish Fork High School may have lost some of its numbers with the building of two new schools, but that doesn’t mean it lost any generosity or caring for others. When the massive earthquake hit Haiti, the National Honor Society of SFHS took charge of a fundraiser to send some Spanish Fork Don support to Haiti. The whole school took part by donating money, personal care items, and writing letters for the Haitian people. Not long after, news spread about another earthquake, in Chile. Once again, the students of Spanish Fork emptied their pockets, donating their lunch money to those who needed food more than them. Christina Heywood, a member of the NHS, said, “I’m really proud of how the student body pulled through on our fundraiser! We were able to raise over nine hundred dollars which will go straight to helping people.” As the money was counted and a check was given to the American Red Cross, it was truly seen how the students of SFHS were “Rock Solid”, emulating this year’s motto. We can only expect more great things to come from this amazing school.

Spanish Fork High Schools Singers Perform at the local Schools

by Chantelle Jones
Choir Spring Concert
Choirs - Spring Concert

Spanish Fork High School’s choir, Singers, went to two of the elementary schools in the Spanish Fork area and performed some of their musical selections for them. They went to Brockbank Elementary on February 26, 2010 and to Riverview Elementary on February 19, 2010. They also performed at Spanish Fork Jr. High on February 16th, 2010.
When asked why they did this, Shea Bradshaw the teacher said, “We wanted to give our elementary schools a great free assembly. It was also a great opportunity to get more practice time.”
The choirs performed some of their Show Choir numbers as well as some Chamber numbers, so the students could know what both sides of choir at the Spanish Fork High School was like.
When asked her opinion about it, Christina Heywood (a student in Singers) said, “It was so much fun! We were able to spread the word about how much fun choir is.” She continued, “It was such a great feeling you got when you had an audience and you had people actually responding to you when you were done performing.”
During the assemblies Bradshaw had a few students share their thoughts about why they are involved in other activities outside of choir. He also had them tell the students how being in these other activities helped them to be better in choir.
The Singers want to promote that singing and being in choir is fun, but you can do other things along with choir. They want to let the students know that they can do many things when they grow up and just to keep their options open.

Spanish Fork Drill Travels to Florida

by Korinda Mathis
Drill Team FLORIDA 2010

February 16-21, Spanish Fork Las Chalitas
got the chance to go to Florida to perform in Downtown
Disney located in Disneyworld. They performed Thursday
February 18 on a stage inside Downtown Disney. Their
performance included many of their dances including camp
and competition routines. They also had solo's performed
by Kambri Shenk and Katelyn Swenson. After their
performances they were awarded with a Mickey Mouse trophy
to put in their school for a wonderful performance to
share with the people in Disneyworld. They enjoyed their
trip and loved the warm weather for a week. The Las
Chalitas had tried many times to get the opportunity to
go to Florida, but never got to and ended up going to
California. Their trip to Florida was what they have
wanted, and they enjoyed every minute of it.