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The University of Utah invites young girls to participate in its year-long Go Girlz program! It’s free and open to all girls and femme-identified high school students (9th-12th grade). Hosted on the University of Utah Campus, the HS Go Girls group focuses on leveraging students’ experiences so that they achieve their goals. 

Go Girls Participants will receive : 

  • ACT prep/retakes
  • College admission assistance
  • Personal statement sessions
  • Application fee assistance
  • Introduction to the University of Utah campus opportunities
  • UTA pass
  • Snacks and activities

Our next workshop is September 27th around 3:00PM, at the University of Utah Union. We ask that you share this information widely with students and parents. For more inquiry, please email folivo [at] sa.utah.edu (Flor Olivo) or jmatsumura [at] sa.utah.edu (Jenna Matsumura).