SFHS Welding Builds and Donates Special “Social Butterfly” Christmas Tree in Memory of Kiplyn Davis

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A special tree that was constructed in the welding shop this year and it has special meaning; the tree was built to honor a former Don, Kiplyn Davis. This would mark her 20th year reunion as a Spanish Fork graduate. Her mother stated that, “Kiplyn was a 15 year old sophomore when she went missing from SFHS on May 2nd 1995. Although it is known she was murdered, her body has never been located. Her life ended too soon. Her family would never see her dreams of becoming a kindergarten teacher, having a marriage in an LDS temple and being a mother come true. Kiplyn loved life. She had a vibrant personality and enjoyed participating in any event or activity that involved being with family or friends - a social “butterfly” as referred to by her younger sister.”

Richard Davis, Kiplyn’s father visited the welding students and told them about Kiplyn’s personality and presented the idea of building a tree in her honor.  The Spanish Fork community really helped us out through donations of cash and materials. As a welding class we’d like to express our appreciation to: SAPA Extrusions, SF Walmart, RM Davis Construction, Outer Beauty Supply, Ideal Machine, MSquared Racing, Clair and Brenda Christensen family, Matt and Marcy Romero, Stacy Hayward, Allen Moore, Jocelin Blohm, Chandee Norris, D & D Trucking, Thurza Gordon, Jill Johnson, Carolyn, Susan, and Barbara.

The tree and the three drift trikes hanging from the tree were designed and fabricated out of aluminum by SFHS welding students. The themes of “Butterflies” and “Family” were implemented throughout the project.  The drift trikes were built to represent a tradition here at SFHS Welding that we have become known for and the students really enjoyed fabricating them in memory of a Don who will not be forgotten.

We appreciated the opportunity to serve the community,

                                           —Spanish Fork High School Welding Students


Shaun Black