DECA and FBLA week occurs at SFHS

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December 7th through the 11th was DECA and FBLA Week at SFHS. These are the two business clubs at Spanish Fork High School. There were a number of activities to get the school involved and aware of business and marketing education in the school. Wednesday was professional dress day, where all students were invited to dress up in nice clothes. On Thursday, members of FBLA and DECA got together at lunch to meet with Rich Christiansen, the author of Bootstrap Business. He talked to them about his book and how to do well in business. Each day of the week, DECA and FBLA had a ‘question of the day’ for students to answer to be entered in a drawing. They also sold suckers around school to raise funds for their competition trips. On Friday DECA is having a party and watching a movie. DECA is a marketing club that allows students to learn about and be involved in business and marketing skills. Tanner Holt, president of DECA, enjoyed the lunch meeting with Rich Christiansen. “The lunch meeting was really good. We learned what to do to be successful in business. It was very informational and a lot of fun,” Holt said. DECA and FBLA week was a fun experience for everyone involved. Several members of the FBLA Club placed in their competitions at the Red Devil Invitational. Tanner Holt took 2nd place in Job Interview, Taylor Koense took 1st place in Help Desk, Taylor Koense and Tressa Betts took 1st place in Business Ethics, Stefanie Muhlestein took 2nd place in Client Services, and Tanner Holt, Tressa Betts, and Stefanie Muhlestein took 2nd place in Management and Decision Making.
By Karianne Nelson