Crayons and Coloring Books Needed

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From Tuesday, November 29 - Friday, December 2 we will be hosting a food/crayon/coloring book drive for the local charity, Tabitha’s Way. Please donate in any way that you can. All donations will go directly to Tabitha’s Way who help many people within our own community.

We are also doing a contest between genders. If the girls donate the most food the boy senior student council members will have to do dares like dying their hair, wearing a princess dress for a day, or getting a haircut from a student. If the boys win the girl senior student council members would have to do dares like getting a spray tan, eating jalapenos, or being locked in the stocks.

With so many reasons to donate, what is stopping you from pulling out the old unused coloring books and crayons, or running down to walmart and purchasing a $0.47 pack of crayons?

If you want a say in who gets which dare, take part in our survey. These polls are for the senior dares. Please vote one dare per person.

If you are a female student at Spanish Fork High School please take the “Girls Poll”

If you are a male student at Spanish Fork High School please take the “Guys Poll”

Girls Poll:

Access Code: sfpollgirls

Guys Poll:

Access Code: sfpollguys


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