Character Count Week Celebrated at Spanish Fork High School

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Character count week at Spanish Fork High School was a success! The week began as each of the students received another character card. These cards have been distributed out amongst the school as part of a competition to see who can get them all. They have motivational quotes on them and have been a tradition carried out by the NHS. Besides character cards, the school had plans of having Paul Cardall come and speak to them. The one downer on the very important week was, he came down with a virus and was unable to show up. Fortunately, that didn't slow the students down. This year the school has pulled of one of its most successful coin donations. Each of the classes competed to see who could collect the most pocket change. Most coins in this competition were positive for each class who donated the coins but quarters were used this year to lessen the other class’s points. The count is in effect right now and it is looking like a good one. The money will be used for service and school benefiting projects!
Matthew Christiansen