UVU Concurrent Enrollment Grading Policy During COVID-19

Submitted by seth.spainhower on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 10:56

Dear High School Partners,

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. After careful consideration, Utah Valley University has decided on the following course of action regarding spring 2020 grading. 

New Grading Options - Spring 2020

UVU will provide an option for students to elect to receive either a regular letter grade or a credit/no credit (CR/NC) on their transcripts for courses that converted to an online format this spring. This is a one-semester only option. Students will have until April 24th to make their choice. It is imperative that students thoroughly evaluate their situation to be sure the decision minimizes potential negative consequences in the future. To ensure adequate evaluations have been done, concurrent enrollment students will be required to consult their instructor and academic advisor before selecting the CR/NC grading option. As mentioned above, letter grades are still available for students who prefer that traditional grading method.

Instructor Role: Inform student of their grade/standing in the course. By providing current grading information, it allows the student to make a more informed decision. If the decision is to proceed with the CR/NC grading option, please refer the student to his or her concurrent enrollment academic advisor  for additional instructions.

Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisor Role: The student’s CE advisor will explain potential consequences and ramifications of a decision to forego a course letter grade in favor of a CR/NC grading option. If their decision is to proceed with the CR/NC option, the student’s academic advisor will provide additional instructions to the student on how to officially complete the CR/NC process.

Please note: Full-year CE courses are not eligible for the CR/NC grading option as most coursework leading into this fourth term has already been completed. 

Live Interactive Courses - Summer 2020 

UVU is moving all summer semester courses to an online delivery model. This decision was made out of respect for the safety of students and faculty.

During this time of rapid change, we understand these announcements may present challenges for some. Please reach out if you need further support or have additional questions.


Concurrent Enrollment Staff 


From Mrs. Seale: 

Hi everyone

UVU has put together a COVID-19 webpage that gives detailed information about grading options for our students.  Please take a moment to scroll through the Spring 2020 Grading information so you can understand these options for your students.

I have tried to highlight the most important pieces of information below.

Students have 3 options for UVU grading in concurrent enrollment courses:

Option 1 - Letter Grade (strongly recommended!) – Students are strongly encouraged to KEEP GOING and work to receive a letter grade (A – E) for their course.  Keep with it and don't give up!

Option 2 - Credit/No Credit grade - Choose to receive a CR or NC grade by completing the Grade Mode Selection Form by April 24.  Please counsel with your instructors before choosing this option.   Choosing a CR or NC (credit or no credit) grade may have some negative consequences (Read "Understand the Potential Consequences" for more information).

Option 3 - Withdrawal - Withdraw from the course using myUVU by April 24.  This will result in a 'W' on your UVU transcript and will NOT affect your college GPA.  Both full year and semester courses are eligible for withdrawal.

UVU & Kelly Seale