Spanish Fork Students are Learning by Doing

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Spanish Fork FFA students had the unique opportunity to not only raise over 400 turkey poults this year but were able to participate in the processing of the birds from start to finish.

As part of the Utah Junior Turkey Show, each student was able to purchase up to twenty turkey poults to raise during the summer. Each student raised the poults at different facilities in Nebo School District. At harvest time, the students transported the birds to Bothwell, Utah, to the processing plant owned and operated by the Utah FFA and 4-H organizations.The students were not only able to watch the facility in operation, but they were able to participate in several steps of the total process. Students unloaded the birds, applied identification tags and weighed each bird.  The students placed them in an ice bath for two hours to drop the carcass temperature. After the ice treatment, the students removed the birds and pulled any additional pin feathers and removed the identification tags to apply permanent labels to the plastic shipping bags. The students were in charge to vacuum seal and heat shrink the packaged birds for delivery to the refrigerator. Because the facility is state inspected, students were not allowed to participate in all of the operations but were able to view the process first hand.  Most of the students had pre-sold their birds and were able to deliver them just in time for Thanksgiving. This event was a great opportunity for students and advisors to be actively involved in their projects from start to finish and learn some great new skills along the way. There was a lot to talk about with peers and parents when they returned home from this road trip!

Participants:Lindsey Olsen, Kamrey Olsen, Kaitlin Hallam, Taylor Tomadakis, Katie Thomas, Wyatt Jensen, Kassie Christensen, Tristen Langford and Advisor Jim Lotspiech