Spanish Fork High School Added a New Addition

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Spanish Fork High School has added a wonderful new addition to make our school look great. On the south end of the football fieldstands a seventy foot flag pole holding the flag of the United States. The flag measures the incredible height and width of thirty by fifty feet. Our principal, Dave Mckee, had the awesome idea to have a flag big enough for all of Spanish Fork to see. Doug Snell, the athletic director at Spanish Fork High, put in many hours and hard work to get it together. A flag and flag pole that big is not an inexpensive project. Large donations were made by the Higginson family of Spanish Fork among other families. Over the next few years, they are going to try and add two more flags to the masterpiece. The goal is to have two fifty foot flag poles holding Utah’s flag and the flag of our own Spanish Fork High School. This is going to be an expensive project and if anyone would like to make any donations please contact Doug Snell at, doug.snell [at] or call him at the school, 801-798-4060.

: Mckenzie Beckstrom and Lyndsey Healey