Spanish Fork’s Patriotic Opening for Homecoming Game

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:32
Many people don’t know the real meaning of the Star-Spangled Banner or where it came from. It was originally brought on by the War of 1812 during the heated night of bombing. British Soldiers had captured Francis Scott Key aboard a truce ship. While he was waiting for the signal of our American flag, meaning we had won the battle and were that much closer to winning the war, he wrote a poem to the tune of a British Sailor melody. For Spanish Fork’s exciting Homecoming Game, Randi Miller had the wonderful opportunity of singing our beautiful country’s patriotic song. Randi prepared by getting help from her voice instructor, Jeanice Woodbrey, and also from her choir teacher, Mr. Bradshaw. At first she was a little bit nervous, but nervous is best because it makes you more focused. Randi said she was “so surprised and excited by how many people knew about it”. When asked her what the Star-Spangled Banner means to her she said, “Strong independent country and we embrace our freedom.” Randi hopes that her beautiful singing will inspire people to make a difference.
Lydia Money