Small School, Huge Spirit!

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People have been wondering if Spanish Fork High School still has much school spirit now that half of the student body left to go to Maple Mountain.  Kyle Mitchell, a student at SFHS, said, “Our school is doing good spirit wise.  A lot of people have shown up for football games and cheered.”  Bailey Miller, another student, said, “I like our school spirit and the fact that we all group together and lift each other up.”

To spread this message that Spanish Fork High School’s school spirit is still as strong as ever, the theme “Rock Solid” was adopted for this year.  When asked what she thought this theme meant for our school, Debra Gardner, the school librarian, said, “We may be in a state of change, but we’re still SFHS.  We refuse to become weak.
 We will stay ‘Rock Solid’.  We have great students, great staff, and understanding administration.  We are only going to get better.”

Spanish Fork High School is small, but is full to bursting with spirit.  We truly are “Rock Solid” and will exceed everyone’s expectations this year.

By Evan Anderson and Emily McKinney