SFHS Teacher Publishes Chemistry Text Book

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Tracy Poulsen, a teacher from Spanish Fork High School, broke some new ground and published a chemistry book specific for her class. The book is titled "Introductory Chemistry". She used the organization CK-12 which produces textbooks that are more adaptable, usable and cost effective. In writing her new book, she used "creative commons" as a resource along with what she wrote. There are a lot of advantages with this book, such as: students receive their own book that they can write in, take notes in, and also keep when the course is over. Unlike text books, the information in this book goes right along with what the students cover in class. It's easier to follow and not filled with significant amounts of excess information that students do not learn about. The book is specifically organized for her class. "It's nice being a teacher and knowing exactly what's in the book and being able to teach it," says Mrs. Poulsen. She believes it to be a huge advantage having her students learn and follow along directly from the book.
By Leslie Beck and Garrett Harris