SFHS Supports Foreign Exchange Students

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School can be a challenge for everyone, but imagine what school would be like if you were from another country.

Thao Dang, as a foreign exchange student to SFHS from Vietnam, gets to experience this unique academic and cultural challenge. She was asked some questions about her experience here and this is what she had to say. When asked why she chose to come here she responded with, “I came here to have a new experience. I wanted to do something big when I was 17 and this was it.” When asked what the biggest difference between school here and in Vietnam she said, “The language; it is really hard to get used to! You also change classes and teachers here.  In Vietnam, you have to take more notes, you can’t retake tests, and in Vietnam we have 13 subjects each year.”

When asked what she liked most about her experience here she said, “I’ve liked getting to go somewhere new, and getting to do new activities I didn’t get to do in Vietnam.”   Even though it has been difficult to get used to the language and the culture, coming to the United States has been a special experience for Thao.

By Emily McKinney and Evan Anderson