SFHS Students Explore Careers

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On September 24, the counseling center at Spanish Fork High School had their first Window in the Workplace presentation for the students. These presentations are meant to help students learn more about different careers from the people who work in them. At this presentation, Dave from Northwest Orthotics and Prosthetics came to speak to students about his job.

In his presentation, Dave explained that his job was to build prosthetic limbs for people. He also brought some prosthetics that he made and passed them around to the students. He then told what each one was for.

Chantelle Jones, a student at Spanish Fork High School, attended this Window in the Workplace and enjoyed learning about Dave’s career.

“I enjoy seeing people who really love their jobs, and you get to realize how needed they are in the world, even if their job isn’t really your thing.”

Finding the right career can be difficult and stressful for many students, but by learning more about different careers, this decision can be made a little easier.


Emily McKinney