SFHS Student Wins New Car at Key to Success Assembly

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On April 27, 2010, the annual Keys to Success assembly was held at Spanish Fork High School. This annual assembly brings together the entire school and a select number of students honored for their achievements with the chance at winning that free car. This year the car was a stunning 2002 Jaguar X-Type with only a minor blemish on the rear bumper, but hey, it’s a Jaguar! Are you really going to complain when you’r e handed the opportunity of winning a free Jaguar?! I didn’t think so! As the assembly went on and students failed in their attempts to open the door and tame the wild beast that is the 3.0-liter V6 engine Jaguar, one lucky student by the name of Robert Nelson, who recently acquired his ninth Keys to Success Card, steps up to the plate, slowly runs his hands along the smooth metallic paint of the driver side car door, and plunges his key into the lock, waits for only a fraction of a second and turns the lock. It opens! The entire stadium leaps off its seat and roars approval for the seventeen-year-old junior who opens the door and claims his first car! The crowd rushes onto the field and engulfs Rob in shouts of happiness and joy! One of the first to meet Rob are Isaac Asiata and Chan Staheli. Isaac came full speed and gave Rob a friendly tackle onto the floor of the gym. Talking with Chan after the assembly, he said, “ It was crazy! The whole crowd ran down onto the floor and surrounded Rob; it felt like a mosh pit!” Senior Jared Banks called up Rob’s older brother, Alex, and told him that his brother had just won a Jaguar. Alex simply said now his whole family could be rollin’ in expensive cars. Rob is still in shock from this whole experience and says he’s just happy to have a ride that can take him to see his girlfriend and his job up at Sub-Zero in the Provo Mall.
by Tommy Staheli