SFHS Student Learns from Contest

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Last year, Spanish Fork High School held a contest for students to submit ideas for this year’s school hoodies. After receiving many entries, SFHS junior, Kaitlin Urmston’s drawing was chosen as the winner. Her design included the words SF Dons drawn in a graffiti style. “I figured it was kind of a new twist,” said Urmston about her idea. “Mrs. Johnson told me to do it, so I did.” In addition to having her drawing used for the school hoodies, Kaitlin also gained experience from the contest. “I thought it was really cool. I’ve been doing more T-shirt designs because I have more confidence in what I can do.” These hoodies are currently being sold in the school bookstore. Other popular items include hats, sweatpants, and a variety of short and long sleeved T-shirts. The bookstore also has youth sizes and is open in the school finance office from 7:30-3:00 on school days.
Emily McKinney