SFHS Is Rock Solid

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“We might not have new toilets, but we have tradition,”said Dave McKee, principal of Spanish Fork High School. With the school splitting twice in two years, SFHS has been left with a much smaller student body. But we still have school spirit! In an effort to raise the unity and school spirit here at Spanish Fork, administration passed out red t-shirts to every student.

The front of the t-shirt displays the SF inside a superman symbol, and the back reads “ROCK SOLID” because we want everyone to know that even though we don’t have a brand new building or as many students, we are still strong as a school in all areas.

When asked what he thought about the t-shirt, Uili Makai said, “They’re really cool. I like the superman design on the front, and I think they bring a lot of school spirit.

People like seeing their peers supporting the school and all the sports teams.” Mrs. Roberts said, “I think it will help school spirit if we all wear them to school.

It’s a great idea, and it will be really fun if we all wear them to games and stuff.” “We want to get everyone fired up and unified!” said Mr. McKee. These t-shirts will help build school spirit and show everyone that though our numbers are small this year, we are still ROCK SOLID!

By Karianne Nelson and Emily McKinney