SFHS Explains How to Pop the Question

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Many high school students use a common excuse for a reason not to go to a high school dance; not having a way to ask their date. Needless to be said, every boy and girl is secretly dying to go to the dance and do not care if the question was expensive, bejeweled, or witty; the excuse is feckless. Experienced question poppers have suggested simple ways like these: Put a toilet seat on the front porch and write, “Since I have to go, would you please go with me?” Send them solid colored balloons with a face drawn on each one, put your name inside one of them, and tie them to some Airheads with a note saying, “Don’t be an airhead and go to ____ (name of the dance) with me.” Give them a cube of butter and a pack of popcorn and write, “Not that I’ve buttered you up to pop the question, will you go to ____ with me?” Leave Hershey Kisses all over their doorstep, write your name on one of the Hershey Kiss’s white wrapper, and leave a note saying, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to ____ with me?” Put bananas all over the car (carefully) and window-write, “I’d go bananas if you went to ____ with me!” Place a lot of rocks in a box or container and write, “It’d rock my world if you’d go to ____ with me!” Send them a large bucket of Dum-Dum’s with one containing your name inside the wrapper and write, “Don’t be a dum-dum and go to ____ with me!” Ask a person in charge of announcements to ask ‘Lilly Flower’ if she’d go to ____ with ‘Bob Bobby ’. Put gold fish candy/crackers in a fish bowl and write, “Out of all the fish in the sea, I’d love if you went to ____ with me.” For Holiday dances: Cut out a pumpkin and carve on the outside, “Out of all the pumpkins in the patch, I picked you to go to the Masquerade Dance!” Put the pumpkin guts in a box or on a paper plate with your name placed inside the gushy mess. Make/buy a gravestone or buy a skeleton and write, “I’m dying to go to Masquerade with you!” Get a teddy-bear snowman or make a snowman in their front yard and write, “There snowman I’d rather go to Preference with than you!” Remember to leave hints about where to find your name and have fun with it! There are hundreds of ways to ask so get out there and do it. We all know how much we’d really love to be asked to that dance, so go and make someone’s week. Participate in your high school dances and experiences as much as you can, you only live them once!
By: Lydia Money with contributions from ShayLee Reynolds, Haileigh Emerine