Perfect Attendance Term One

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Fifty-two students achieved the goal of perfect attendance for first term. This is not an easy task and we commend these students for such dedication to their education. Congratulations to all the students who achieved perfect attendance! Thank you for being rock solid! Way to go!

Students with perfect attendance for term one are: 

Anisa Alnasser, Gracie Bailey, Mason Bingham, Eli Bowen, Abbie Bown, Logan Brandon, Madi Bunnell, Alexis Chacon, Kylee Christensen, Andrea Corona, Clara Evans, Macee Farnes, Oswaldo Garcia, Conner Gates, Carter Hansen, Nicholas Holt, Jalen Jex, Carter Jones, Dante Ketchum, Dallin Leatherwood, Macilynne Manning, Sydney Merrill, Emery Nielson, Aaron Norris, Keira Oaks, Luis Angel Olivares-Matinez, Sariah Peterson, Kelly Shoemaker, Julie Snyder, Maddy Tanner, Carson Whitney, Isaac Woodbrey, Jack Carroll, Daniel Davis, Alexis Downey, Xander Henry, Barry Lin, Sarah Snyder, Treygon Tulley, McKenzie Whitney, Porter Bishop, Sydney Hansen, Caleb Hayward, Matthew Hegerhorst, Evelyn Herner, Joseph Hill, Marcos Miles, Cydney Nielsen, Zander Pace, Isabella Ramirez, Max White, and Jordan Woodhouse.