Marketing Students

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Students in Mrs. Jacobson's Marketing class had the opportunity to learn how quality marketing can impact an organization's bottom line.  Dawn Davis, Marketing Director for Gunnerson Dental of Payson, took time to share her knowledge of marketing as she helped students learn how to create marketing campaigns to achieve results.  Students were impressed as Dawn explained how putting their customers first is actually a critical component of marketing--it's really all about customers having positive and successful experiences.  Marketing student Jade Delaney said, "Dawn Davis is an incredibly real person. It didn't seem like she was trying too hard and she had a genuine interest in actually teaching us stuff. We were able to have a good discussion and I felt that her presentation was valuable and will benefit me later in life."  SFHS Marketing students want to send a shout-out to Dawn Davis and her team at Gunnerson Dental for their support of our SFHS Business Program.

Lori Jacobson