Intern gains experience at hospital

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The intern spotlight this week is Hyrum Heward who interns at Mountain View Hospital. He works as a CNA and helps out by changing beds, giving people food, washing old people, testing blood sugar and checking vitals of the patients. Heward likes his jobs there, although he doesn’t enjoy washing old people.

“That part isn’t my favorite. Except for that, I like helping people.”

This internship gives him insight on what he would like to do in his future.

“It will give me experience in the hospital so I can see how everything works. It’s made me realize that I don’t want to be a nurse.” Nurses are often assigned the grunt work around the office, and Heward would rather do the doctor’s job. Someday he wants to run his own practice as a general practitioner, rather than work in a hospital.

By Karianne Nelson