Intern Enjoys Working at Daycare

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Senior students at Spanish Fork High School have the opportunity to participate in internships around the community. This gives them experience in various fields of their choice so that when they continue on to college, they have a better idea if they want to continue with that kind of work in their future careers. The intern spotlight for this week is Andrea Depaz, who interns at Robyn's
Daycare. She helps out in taking care of a group of 12 children, all under the age of 5, changing diapers and playing with them. When asked how she liked this internship, Depaz replied, "I love it! I have lots of fun playing with the kids all day." Aside from just having fun with the kids, Depaz will use this experience in her future life. "I want to major in psychology, so it will help me to learn how these kids develop at this age," she says. Interning can be a lot of fun and provides a great opportunity to learn and gain experience.

By Karianne Nelson