Industry Certification Tests in Web Development

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For the last month, students in Mrs. Whittekiend's Web Development classes have been preparing to take the Microsoft Technology Associate Test for HTML 5 Application Development Fundamentals.   They now have proof that they truly possess sought after skills in the IT industry.    In a world where competition for jobs, pay increases, and academic success continues to increase, industry certifications offer hope because they are credible, third-party assessments of one's skills and knowledge for a given subject.  In the U.S. and Canada, professionals with certifications have an average salary of $111,334, which is 7% higher than non-certified professionals. (source:   We are proud of the students who earned their HTML 5 Certification:  Kayson Brinkerhoff, Erica Bramall, Matthew Woolsey, Wyatt Hughes-Millman, Zachary Hansen, Nathan Griffiths, Jonah McNeil, Haven Clark, Aeris Eastland, and Cole Gillespie.
Shauna Whittekiend