H&R Block Budget Challenge

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Issac Dillman (1st place), Sarah Heaps (2nd place), and Matthew Bradford (3rd place) show off their certificates and prizes for having the top scores in Mrs. Jacobson's A4 Period for the H&R Block Budget Challenge. All SFHS Financial Literacy students competed in an eight-week, nationally recognized, financial simulation created by H&R Block which gave them exposure to real-life personal finance situations. There were 18,400+ students participating in the simulation and all three of these students were in the top 90th percentile--Issac had a final score of 97.48% placing him in an overall ranking of 465th. The H&R Block simulation equips teens with the skills, habits, and confidence to manage their money wisely by giving them an opportunity to budget, pay bills, save for retirement by investing in a 401K plan and much more. All Financial Literacy students were given the opportunity to experience and discovered how challenging it can be to juggle life and stay in charge of their finances. Congrats to Issac, Sarah, and Matthew for having the top scores in A-Day Financial Literacy classes at SFHS!​


Lori Jacobson