Foreign Exchange Student Learns from Experience

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This year, Spanish Fork High School has a new foreign exchange student, Christina Sun, visiting from Italy.  To find out more about her experience and what she thought about this new challenge, she was asked a few questions.

"Why did you choose to become an exchange student?"

"I wanted to because it would be a challenging and new experience.  It's something that not everyone gets to do, and creates many special memories."

"How is school here different than school in Italy?"

"You don't change classes and teachers there, and you also don't get to choose your schedule.  You do get to choose the school you go to, and different schools focus on different subjects.  There are also not so many sports."

"What have been the best things and the hardest things about your experience here?"

"It has been hard getting used to the language.  It's harder to understand others and to get others to understand me.  I've also had to try to make new friends.  I have really liked the Utah landscape and getting to see so many new things, even though the weather here is different."

"What have you gained most from coming here?"

"I've learned to be more independent, and have become better at taking care of myself.  It has been hard, but I still have my host family to help me.  The quote, 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,' has also helped me get through my challenges."

Being a foreign exchange student is a great challenge, but Christina Sun has learned much from it and has had a great experience.

By Emily McKinney