Derek Pace; Architect Protégé

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Spanish Fork High School has been blessed with a great internship program. Students who have the desire can apply to intern at a business of their choosing. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to experience different careers and to help them decide whether or not that is something they might be interested in. I interviewed Derek Pace, a student at Spanish Fork High School who is currently participating in the program. He says he loves it, even though he started recently. “I’ve only been there three times [but] I’m really enjoying it,” said Derek, an intern at Joe Carrick Design. JCD is a company that designs and builds houses. Derek says he wants to be an architect after graduating. “I just like being able to design homes and things. I find building really interesting,” explained Derek when asked why he decided to do so. Interning at JCD really helps him know what types of things he’ll be going in to. “For now, I watch them draft buildings and learn the programs they use, so I’m just learning the ropes.” He plans on continuing the internship until the end of the school year, where he’ll have the skill-set and knowledge necessary to have a shot at becoming an actual employee for JCD.
By Felipe Oliveira