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Can Dons and Golden Eagles coincide peacefully? The answer is, absolutely. Even after the intensity of Thursday s football game, Spanish Fork vs. Maple Mountain, we could connect as friends once the game was over. Proof of this was in the surprisingly good turnout of students from both schools at the combined stomp that followed the game. Despite the fact that it was on a school night, the Debate Stomp after the Spanish Fork vs. Maple Mountain football game was a success. There were students from both SF and MM. It was a reunion of old friends and the beginning of new friendships. There was great music, fun people, and a lot of Dons celebrating our win! Organized by the debate team, the purpose of the stomp was to help fund the upcoming Debate tour. The Debate team is going to USC, in California for the annual national level invitational Debate tournament; a tournament they’ve been studiously preparing for since the beginning of the school year. “The dance was great, there was a lot of craziness” said Alyssa Wright, a member of the debate team who attended the stomp. No matter what the team or organization it is here at Spanish Fork, the students come out to support. They know how to show real Don Pride, and they do. They have school spirit!
Sarah Nelson