Counselors visit SUU

Submitted by bonnie.beckstead on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 08:01
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Some of our counselors attended a conference at Southern Utah University and were able to learn about all the up and coming things going on at SUU. They received insight on great things the University is doing to help transitioning Freshman, how the school is assisting students financially, and what different departments are doing to cater to a wide variety of students. There really is something for each student at SUU. If you have any questions regarding SUU we encourage you to talk to your counselor to find out more information. Make sure to check out the hand out with dates for the “Red Riot” (an overnight student life experience), “The Call” (a leadership weekend for prospective student ambassadors), and the “Governor’s Honors Academy” (a program for Juniors that allows students to earn college credit between their Junior and Senior year as well as earn free tuition at SUU for 4 years). Also, SUU has a great aviation program and our counselors got to experience first hand a helicopter ride over SUU campus! We strongly encourage students to consider SUU as a post-secondary education option! Go T-Birds!

Leslie Swenson