College/Scholarship Awareness for Seniors

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Please read this very insightful message from our awesome counselors!     We encourage all Senior Students to look closely at the institution they are considering to attend after high school as Academic Scholarship requirements have drastically changed on account of Covid-19. For example, instead of a scholarship matrix consisting of both a GPA and an ACT Score, some colleges are only requiring one or the other. However, because this will make Academic Scholarships more attainable in some cases, some institutions will be capping the amount of Presidential Academic Scholarships that will be awarded.  Therefore, it is imperative that students apply to colleges early so they don't miss out on financial opportunities.      Remember that it does not hurt to apply to multiple colleges, even if your student is not sure where they want to attend.  If students want assistance with applying for colleges, our Utah College Application Week will be the week of October 5th.  This is a time where College Reps will come and help students with any questions they have with the application process, and some colleges also waive their application fee at this time.  Again, we recommend checking the colleges you might be interested in to know what the academic scholarship requirements are, when the deadline is, as well as if there is a cap on the amount of scholarships they will be awarding.  Please see your counselor with any questions.
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