Cheer for a Cure

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On Thursday, October 21, 2010, the Spanish Fork High School cheerleaders performed their Breast Cancer Awareness half-time. All of the songs that were mixed into the half-time were based on the theme of ‘never giving up’ and to ‘keep holding on.’ In the middle of their half-time, the cheerleaders took the time to hold up signs that spelled out “Never Give Up!” To end their performance, they got into a formation that made the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

It was dedicated to all of those who have or have had breast cancer. Spanish Fork High School cheerleader, Melynn Elliott, said, “I feel like we all worked hard and put in our best effort to make this a great performance.” The cheerleaders performed and cheered during the game in pink shirts that read “Cheer for a Cure”. After the game, the cheerleaders were approached by many people telling them that it was a very thoughtful thing that they did by wearing pink and dedicating their night to those with breast cancer. It was an unforgettable and appreciative performance.

Shelby Evans and ShayLee Reynolds