Academic All-State Athlete Whitney Nielson

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Whitney Nielson, daughter of Tricia Nielson and Jen Nielson, has always wanted to get amazing grades throughout her education never even accepting a B. To her, being named Academic All State means getting to represent her school well along with her Drill Team. Joni Hales and Michele Boyack(Whitney’s coaches) along with Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Daniels (SFHS math teachers) have helped Whitney do her best, both in the classroom and with her Dance skills. Whitney always puts her academics first, while learning how to work hard, so she can use what she learned to work hard in her sport. What helped her accomplish this amazing award is always aspiring for good grades, spending time in the Math-Lab, and doing her homework. Advice Whitney gives for younger athletes who may want to accomplish what she has accomplished is: “Never let yourself slack off, being a good athlete and student means never giving up!”