November 2012

Peace, Love, and Tuan

Submitted by dee.jepson on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 11:31

          Many of you may know our favorite foreign exchange student Tuan Nguyen.  His most quoted phrase since he has been here is “What are you guys doing now?”  He is very curious to all of our doings as he observes us and sometimes shakes his head at our American stupidity. He was a key part of our cross-country team this year, aiding us with a greater understanding of other countries, customs, and cultures.  He is straight from Hanoi, Vietnam. He loves it here in the United States, even when he thinks that the things we do are a bit strange to him.

David Smiley and Connor Clayton

Swimmers Win First Meet

Submitted by dee.jepson on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 10:28

      On Tuesday, November 6, our high school swim team had their first competitive meet of the season. They traveled to Ogden to go against North Summit and Ogden High School, who hosted the three-way meet.   

      Our swimmers came out on top, with the boys taking first overall and the girls taking second.  The boys made an exceptionally strong showing in the relays, winning the 200 freestyle relay, the 200 medley relay, and the 400 freestyle relay.

by Millie Stirland and Tailor Wilde