November 2010

SFHS Dance Company “Going Solo”

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November 16, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish Fork High School’s Dance Company presented “Going Solo.”  All of the girls on the dance company either did a solo, duo, or trio.  Some of the dances were the own girl’s choreography, and some were choreographed by another person.  This was the first time the school has done this, but we hope to make this an annual concert.  It was a good way to raise a little money, and to also prepare us all for the busy performing season that is coming up.

SFHS Dance Company “Going Solo”

SFHS Reflections Show Students Can Together

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Sponsored by PTSA, this year’s Reflections Contest theme was Together We Can. The winners for Photography were first place, Julianne Johnson, and Kelsey Coons in second. In the Literature category Hannah Carson took first, Kalolaine Taunauta in second, with Matthew Christiansen coming in third. For Visual Art, the winner was Jenny Bradford, and in Music the winner was Sarah Insalaco. Then the winner for Film Production was Matthew Christiansen. All these students will now be continuing on to the next stage to compete at a region level.

Hannah Carson

Ballroom Club Takes Floor

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The ballroom club had their first meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16th. Students didn’t take the time to talk or do future planning. They just danced the waltz, cha cha, and little bit of country swing. There were about six boys and eight girls. Lucky for the boys, they got to dance with every girl. Since all of them had already had some ballroom background, it made the dancing more exciting. Annie Morris said, “It was fun to get to know the people in the club and dance for the first time with the club.” Everyone is hoping for more meetings like this one in the future.
Alexandra Cia and Kenya Jimenez

Swim Team

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The swim season for Spanish Fork High School is off to a good start. They participated in the annual Utah County Invitational. It was made up of all the schools in Utah County. They swam against 12 other teams, all of whom had many more swimmers. They held their own against the other teams. The boy’s team placed 7th overall and the girl’s team took 9th. They had many swimmers place high within their races. Jesse Roberts took first in most of his races. Colton Christensen placed high in his races as well.
Marree Graham


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5,4,3,2,1, Blast off! Ever wanted to build a rocket? Well in Mr. Bronson's Physics with Technology class, they do just that! For the past two weeks students have been making and launching bottle rockets, experimenting to figure out how to create the perfect rocket for maximum distance. When asked why he has the students do this exercise, Mr. Bronson responded with four reasons. First, it's a Physics with Technology class, which is a CTE course, and it emphasizes hands on learning. Second, the classes just learned about projectile motion, and now they can experience the real life application.

SFHS Cross Country Banquet

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The Spanish Fork Cross Country team celebrated their fall season with awards, pizza, and games on Thursday, November 11, 2010. At the Spanish Fork High School, in Coach Amanda Merrill’s classroom, the SF Cross Country team gathered for a banquet, where awards were given, lots of pizza was eaten, and hilarious games were played. In honor of their coaches, Madison Hansen made Coaches Amanda Merrill and Reve Tortel, t-shirts with the team picture from the Region race at Maple Mountain on it. Every athlete signed the t-shirts for the coaches.
Allison Hallam

A Patriotic Veteran’s Day Was Held at Spanish Fork High School

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Spanish Fork High School honored the heroes of our country on Veteran’s Day with an inspirational assembly. It started off with a patriotic line-up of our Country’s flag to lead the student body into the auditorium, and then SFHS’s Choir sang the National Anthem. It continued with Spanish Fork’s own Combat Engineer veteran, Lucas Isley. Mr. Isley’s thoughts as he prepared for the assembly were that he wanted to speak about more than just what he did as a soldier.
Lydia Money and Garrett Harris

Spanish Fork Debate Team Breaks At USC Trojan Debate Tournament

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November 3rd through November 9th Spanish Fork High School’s Debate Team attended the David Damus Tournament at the University Of Southern California. Debating started Friday the 5th, and ended Sunday the 7th. Several Lincoln Douglas Debaters broke- meaning they won enough rounds out of the six that they broke into the octa-finals. Debaters Lisie Dixon, Jake Muhlestein, and Wesley Curtin were these debaters.
Whitney Hansen and Jake Muhlestein