SFHS Traumatic Event Feedback

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SFHS Traumatic Event Feedback

Good Morning Students/Parents/Guardians and Staff, 

We all experienced a really hard thing yesterday when we were on lock down. We are grateful that it was not a real threat and for the response and support we received from so many good people. When an event like this happens we have all kinds of emotions. 

Each of us will react to traumatic events in our own way, and we need to be respectful of each other. Feeling anxious is a normal response to any trauma. Some of you may find you’re having difficulty concentrating on your schoolwork, and others may find that diving into your work is a good distraction. We have counselors available to help our school community to help you process and work through your emotions and thoughts with this event. If you’d like to talk to a counselor, just let your teachers know. Please remember that we are all here for you.

In addition we have created a platform for students and adults to express their feelings and share their experience.  The platform can be found on our school website, by scanning this QR CODE, or by clicking on the link below.

Traumatic Event Feedback