SF photo teacher travels to photoshoot with Arctic Cat

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SF photo teacher travels to photoshoot with Arctic Cat
SF photo teacher travels to photoshoot with Arctic Cat
SF photo teacher travels to photoshoot with Arctic Cat

Spanish Fork High School photo teacher Kate Searle traveled to Togwotee Mountain Lodge in Moran, Wyoming in January for a photoshoot with snowmobile manufacturer Arctic Cat. 

“In October, I submitted my husband to the Arctic Cat Catalyst photoshoot contest and not only did they select him as a winner, but they invited me and our two oldest daughters to join him!” Searle says. 

Arctic Cat has developed a new snowmobile platform named the Catalyst and invited six winners to participate in a photoshoot to test out the new sleds and ride with the Arctic Cat Black Cats, their professional team of snowmobile athletes.  

“It was exciting enough to get to go to Togwotee and ride the new Catalyst but for me as a photo teacher I was so excited to meet the photographers and crew who would be doing the shoot,” says Searle. She continues, “This was the largest photo shoot I have been on. It was incredible to work with the producers, directors, audio/video crew, numerous photographers, content creators, marketing crew, managers, professional riders, and other winners. Everyone was so charismatic and kind. We truly felt like celebrities.”

The new 2024 Catalyst sled was released during Hay Days back in October and the public has been very exited to see these sleds in action. The photoshoot will help introduce the new chassis for the trail, mountain and cross-over versions. After finishing the shoot, it was time for Mrs. Searle to head back to the classroom.

“When I returned back from the trip, I spent too long showing my students photos from the trip but I just can not stress enough how many future opportunities are available for students. If you love dirt bikes or basketball or baking you can photograph it and make a living. The number of jobs out there are infinite. Learn a valuable skill and combine it with something you are passionate about. There are employers out there looking for motivated talent. Never stop learning, never be afraid to try something new or reach for the impossible. There were 700 entries for the Arctic Cat photoshoot and we were chosen, but if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith and submitted my husband’s name, we never would have had this experience.”

“I want to say thank you to the whole Arctic Cat team and the amazing people from The Factory/Nostyle productions, the Swanson Russell marketing team, and other winners for such an amazing experience. Being with the crew was one of my favorite parts. They are such talented and fun people. This experience will never be forgotten.”


Kate Searle