FCCLA Region Star Events

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Students at SFHS competed in FCCLA Region Star Events last Friday February 10, 2023 where they chose a category and completed a project.  They all performed outstanding in their categories!!  Amelia Lopez received bronze in Early Childhood Education (this is where she creates a lesson plan for a preschool class).  In fashion construction, Violet Bishop received bronze and Courtney Albertson received Silver in constructing their own apparel.  In Focus on Children Alayna Swan and Avery Braithwaite received silver after teaching the Don's preschool class about kindness to others.  Camila Guiterezz received silver in Job Interview crushing her portfolio and interview with the judges.  Taylor Rankin received Gold in Interior Design drawing an interior space blueprints. In the category repurpose and redesign, which is recycled materials turned into an outfit, McKinzey Fillmore and Libby Hancock both received Gold!!  Maycee Taylor received bronze in teach and train after teaching a jr. high class a few cooking lessons.  In culinary arts, where they have 60 minutes to cook designated items, Aspen Brinkerhoff received bronze and moving onto state Lily Guilbert received Silver. In baking and pastry, where Annie Shelley received Silver moving onto state she baked a beautiful three tiered rose filled cake!  Make sure to say congratulations to these students for such outstanding work in preparing for their events and succeeding!!

This week is also FCCLA week, FCCLA will be doing lunch activities throughout the week so members check out the various activities and find hearts around the school for prizes Tuesday,  come for cookies on Wednesday on smoothies on friday during lunch in the foods room.


Brandi Fausett