Administration Message 2021-2022

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SFHS Admin 2022

Welcome to Spanish Fork High School: “Here, We Learn for LIFE.” This year, we will dive deeper into how we LEARN, INTERACT, FOCUS, and EMPOWER. These four elements will truly enhance our ability to live life to the fullest and find success! Our goal is to help all Spanish Fork High School stakeholders learn essential skills to better their future, find happiness, and improve their abilities everyday. 

Our theme this year will be "Dare to be a Don!" We believe this theme can be used in many different ways. We hope that each and every one of you dares to be kind, accepting, respectful, outgoing, brave, trustworthy, dedicated, resilient and much more! Our goal is that together we will dare to do hard things and strive to reach our full potential. May we dare to rise above any and all challenges we face and be a positive light to our school, community, and world! 

Spanish Fork High School is a place where all people can come learn in a safe, and constructive environment. It is built around optimism, respect, and sincere care. Our administration, counselors, teachers, and staff each have a deep love for education and the students of SFHS. Here you will find a multitude of opportunities both in academics, and extracurricular activities. We encourage all students to participate in as many aspects of the high school experience as possible. We have worked hard to provide opportunities that everyone can enjoy and learn from. Remember that everyone in our building is here to help and we all need the support of those around us. Your success is our priority! 

Welcome again to Spanish Fork High where we act on our vision: “Here, We Learn for LIFE!” 


Matt Christensen, Principal 

Jade Andersen, Assistant Principal 

Bart Thompson, Assistant Principal 

Seth Spainhower, Dean of Students