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Spanish Fork High School Announcements

Spanish Fork High School Announcements for 11/17/2017

Debate Tournament

The debate team will be competing against 40 other schools at the Skyhawk Smackdown today and tomorrow. If you see the debate team today, give them a high five and wish them luck in their competition.

NHS Service Project

National Honor Society
Wake up National Honor Society Members! Don't forget our NHS Service Project after school today in the Cafeteria. Hopefully you are all wearing your sweet new NHS shirts today, although about 50 of you for sure are not because you haven't yet picked them up from Mr. Allred's room. You still have a chance to be part of the cool kids and pick yours up before the service project. See you right after school.

Red and Grey Game

SFHS Hoops
Attention all you Dons of SFHS: That includes you and you and you! The fall sports season has ended and now Friday night lights refers to the ones in the basketball gym! If you think sitting at home playing video games or posting senseless things on social media is a fun way to spend a Friday night, you are wrong. Those things are NOT fun. However, being with your friends at a basketball game is something that civilized humanity does consider to be fun. The Red and Grey classic will kick-start the season for SF Hoops. You can see all the fellers and the ladies in action this Friday evening at 6 pm. The boys team features Bridger, Brandon, and Bryler to go along with Tanner, Trey and Taye. The roster also includes a couple of Parkers and 38 Hunters, along with a whole posse of dudes that can flat out ball. The Lady Dons will be putting the tubular trio of Tobi, Brylee, and Gabbi on the floor, along with many other stud muffin-ettes that will absolutely get after it. Your Student Council, Drill Team, and Cheerleaders will also be making special guest appearances for your entertainment. Admission is free, so spend your coin on one of those 20 piece nuggets at Micky D's and/or purchase some super swaggy swag that will be on sale for super cheap. Let's come together and make this night epic!

FCCLA Friendsgiving

Attention all FCCLA members! TODAY is our FCCLA Food Friday Friendsgiving! It will be held in room 4, the sewing room, instead of our normal room 1. You can bring one friend with you that is not currently a member. We will be having Fall Chex mix and doing a small Thanksgiving service. See you and a friend there!

HOBY Leadership Seminar

Sophomores! Are you interesting in attending the 2017-2018 Hoby Leadership Seminar? This is a 4 day leadership experience for students interested leadership development training. Log in at to register and find out more information, or stop by the counseling off and talk with your counselor. Deadline is December 8th, 2017.