Teddy Bears Abound

Deon Youd, Photo by Sharla Barber
SFHS students donate hundreds of stuffed animals to children in crisis situations
Alli Lemon donated the most bears to this project

Hundreds of teddy bears are on their way to women's and children's centers all around Utah thanks to the generosity of Spanish Fork High's Leterman's Club and student body. This year's annual Teddy Bear Project brought in more than 600 stuffed animals to be given to children pulled from their homes because of a traumatic situation. The toys give comfort to children in these circumstances.

This year, SFHS teamed with Canyon Elementary and Spanish Oaks Elementary for a total of 1500 stuffed animals. Alli Lemon, president of SFHS's Letterman's Club donated the most: 164 stuffed toys.

The Letterman's Club has been involved with this project since 2008. Since then Spanish Fork High School has collected more than 5000 stuffed animals for women's and children's crisis centers.