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Rock Solid Perfect Attendance!

Submitted by seth.spainhower on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 07:45
Seth Spainhower

The following amazing students had PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the entire Term 2!! We are so incredibly proud of these Rock Solid individuals and applaud each of them for their efforts. Great work!

Anisa Alnasser, Ammon Anderson, Javier Andrade, Grace Bailey, Kumari Beausejour, Laycee Bills, Abbie Bown, Kelly Dean, Ryan Flake, Conner Gates, Tate Gause, Ashley Hernandez, Zach Huish, Tyson Jensen, Shaelynn Johnson, Dallin Leatherwood, Lydia Mitchell, Remy Smith, Maddy Tanner, Josh Turner, Tyler Udy, Carson Whitney, Shaelee Burningham, Jack Carroll, Daniel Davis, Taggert Harrison, Joshua James, Barry Lin, Caitlin Nye, Keven Paladini, Cassie Rawe, Lauren Vehar, McKenzie Whitney, Kaylee Duersch, Colton Engle, Caleb Hayward, Matthew Hegerhorst, Evelyn Herner, Caitlin Johnson, Jamison Massey, Nathan Oviatt, Stephen Spencer, Shaylee Taylor, Max White, Eli Winn