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Combined Orchestras Perform Concert

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/01/2010 - 11:43
Combined Orchestras Perform Concert
Orchestra Practices for Concert.

Music is the life of Spanish Fork. On Wednesday the 27th of October,
Spanish Fork High School held a combined orchestra concert. It
consisted of all the high school groups: the ninth grade class from
SFJH, and both the Philharmonic and Chamber groups from Spanish Fork
High School. This is a tradition brought back called "the monster
concert" in which each group gives an individual concert, and after
they've all done that, they give a combined performance, featuring
students from both schools.
The conductor of the SFJH group was Mr. Wells, and the conductor of
the High School groups was Miss. Magleby. Both conductors did an
excellent job in both teaching their students and providing an
excellent performance.
The audience enjoyed music of multiple genres, everything from
classical to country, and even some festive music in honor of
Halloween. All in all, the concert was a success. It was one more
excellent performance by Spanish Fork High School!