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June 2014

College and Career Readiness

Submitted by kippy.bishop on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:41
SFHS Counselors

Parents/Guardians of Seniors,We would like to meet with our incoming Seniors and parents to Plan for their Senior year, and College and Career Readiness (CCR).  We have set up an appointment scheduler using Google Calendar.  Follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment with your students counselor.  1.  Click the name of your counselor according to the first letter of your student's last name.  Ms. Anderson (A - F)Mr. Dewey (G - J)Mrs. Barber (K - P)Mr. Albright (Q-Z)2.  Select a day and time available on the calendar you will be able to meet with your student and his/her counselor.  If you do not see any open spots to select you will need to click the arrow to the next week.  3.  In the "What" section please replace the "CCRP" with your student's name so we know who we are meeting with.  4.  Make sure the time you selected appears on your email calendar and that it is the right time.  If it appears at a different time than you selected please adjust it in your calendar.  Make note that we do not have any appointment slots open after 2 pm.  If the appointment slots are showing times after 2 pm check your calendar settings and the time zone.If you are unable to attend the appointment you scheduled please get into your email calendar and cancel the appointment so it is available for someone else.  If you are having issues scheduling an appointment or you do not have access to a Google calendar please call the counseling office and we can schedule an appointment.  801-798-4067Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you!SFHS Counselors

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