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May 2011

2011 Graduation Exercises Celebrated at SFHS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/26/2011 - 08:08
2011 Graduation Speakers Erika Hancock, Brady Ericksen, Jonathan Woodbrey, Kaitlin Urmston

The class of 2011 held their graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 24 at the UVU Event Center at 2:00 p.m. The senior class theme for this year was from the song “Wavin’ Flags” and focused on the words “Take the Field.”  Salutatorian, Erika Hancock, spoke on “Learning the Game Plan:  Defining Who We Are”; Salutatorian, Brady Ericksen, remarked on “Practicing for the Game:  Perfecting Our Skills”; Valedictorian, Jonathan Woodbrey, discussed “Warming Up for the Game:  Unifying our Strength”; and Senior Class President, Kailtin Urmston, put it all together with “Taking the Field Now”.  Tanner Holt and Tyson Galovich created the Class of 2011 Video.  Principal McKee spoke about the readiness of this class to take the field and was received with a standing ovation from the graduates.  Nebo School District Board of Education president, Mr. Rowley, received the graduates.  Along with Mr. Rowley was Board Member Rick Ainge who congratulated the students as they walked across the stage to accept their diplomas.  285 seniors graduated from Spanish Fork High School this year.

SFHS CTE Classes Show Case Their Work

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CTE Projects
CTE Projects

The Career, Technology, and Education classes show cased some of their incredible projects this year. On the Spanish Fork High School quad, students displayed their hard work and dedication through their cars, trucks, trailers, barbeques, cabinets, book shelves, and even a circular swing that proved to be the highlight of the items. Although some of the tastiest lunches served this year came from pulled pork and hot dogs fired up on the barbeques. It is amazing what high school students can build when led by capable teachers.

Kaitlin Urmston Takes State in Javelin

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State 1st Place Javelin Winner Kaitlin Urmston

Kaitlin Urmston, a senior at Spanish Fork High School and Senior Class President, took 1st Place in the Javelin at the Utah High School 4A Track and Field Meet held at BYU.  Kaitlin’s second throw in the last round was 123 feet which put her in 1st place.  But her competitor threw for 125 feet which put Kailtin in 2nd place.  So for Kaitlin’s last throw as a high school student, she put everything into it and made it 135 feet to earn her 1st place position.  Kaitlin’s skills have proven gold medal quality on and off the field.


New Student Body Officers for 2012

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Candace Kester & Taylor Bramall

With the end of the year coming and goodbyes are being said, there is also excitement among the new senior student body officers of 2012. Among these student officers are Matt Russell and Sadie Ethington.
When asked what Matt Russell and Sadie Ethington thought about being one of the student body officers, Matt replied, “I think it will be really fun and am very excited, our council has similar personalities and should work really well together.” Some of the things Matt would like to change from the old counsel to the new counsel is better interaction with the other council members, better communication, and more peace and harmony. He would like to see the school change a little by having more student attendance to the different activities, especially with the new MMHS students that will be attending our school this up coming year.
Sadie said, “I am excited to work, and get with it. I think our council has a lot of diversity which will help us to work well together.” She would like to see the school have more work ethic and get more involved with our community. Sadie also said she would really like to see more involvement with student activities and seeing more people coming out to different events that happen at our school.
The new student body officers for Spanish Fork High School 2011-2012 school year are the following:
Student body President: Lisie Dixon with her council Mariah Dawe, Kelby Wilkey, Madison Hall, Courtney Acosta, Sadie Ethington, Sydnee Gunter, and Matt Russell
Senior Class President: Madison Frame with council CJ Baadsgaard, Jared Paxton, Hailey Tuckett, Susan Iketau, Allie Winnie, and Debora Figueroa
Junior Class President: Ella Warnock with council Matt Stevens, Braden Bennett, Dave Smiley, Jamie Cook, and Rachel Atkinson
Sophomore Class President: Sadie Nielsen with council Brett Roberts, Jessica DeLeo, Tate Paxton, Jackson Frame, and Toti Vaitohi

SFHS Tennis Team Does Well at Region

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~Lisie Dixon
Tennis- Cade Sermersheim

Congratulations to our Boys Tennis team for taking 2nd in Region overall and to Cade Sermerseim who took the Region title in the #1 singles position. We'd also like to celebrate Cade Sermerseim, Taylor Jensen, Nick Chingas, Ben Rosenbaum, Jared Dixon, and Taylor Chandler who qualified for State.

FFA Banquet Ended in Success!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 05/24/2011 - 10:50
Kira Fenn

The 2010-2011 FFA school year went out with a bang. The term “Out with the old and in with the new” came about at the end of the year banquet. All of the senior officers gave their retiring addresses which was an honorary way for the FFA to show appreciation for all of their hard work. At the banquet the new officers were put into place for the ones that served over this past year. This year's new officers include Kricket Keetch as President, Haley Anderson and Cheyenne Jensen as Vice Presidents, Mikkel Olson as Secretary, Wyatt Peay as Treasurer, Kiley Sisam as Reporter, Kelson Brunson as Sentinel, and finally Kelly Olson as Historian. Each officer from this last year will be greatly missed but the new officers are excited to take their rightful place in FFA history and making this Spanish Fork FFA chapter succeed. Congratulations to all those that made the team and good luck to making this next year a memorable one.

ASL Competition Attended by SFHS Students

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Lauren Maughan and Ali Skrabut
American Sign Language Students

On April 28th, five students from Mrs. Bond's American Sign Language 1 class went to the ASL Competition at Copper Hill's High School in Salt Lake City. Natalie Boyack, Lauren Maughan, Jeffery Coons, Michael Gardner, and Taft Pace were the representatives for Spanish Fork High School. They left the school at 11:00 AM and picked up students from Provo High. On the way to the competition, they stopped at the Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Salt Lake City. There, they toured the building and learned about the history of the people that made it, about the technology deaf people use to communicate with other deaf people, and hearing people as well. After lunch, the students went to Copper Hill's High School, and from that point on, they were not allowed to speak. Out of respect for the Deaf Culture, no voicing was allowed. Lauren Maughan said, “Never have I been in a room so big, with so many people, and have it be so quiet.” Schools from all over Utah came to compete in Deaf Art, Media, Culture and History, Receptive Comprehension, and Expressive subjects. Michael Gardner, Taft Pace, and Jeffery Coons competed in Deaf Culture and History. They studied hard, and from their work they were able to beat ALA, but had less luck when competing against Salem. Natalie Boyack and Lauren Maughan competed in the Receptive category, where they watched signing videos and answered questions about the videos to test their comprehension. Mrs. Bond, their ASL teacher, said, “I don't care if you win, I just want you to have fun.” And they did! The five students from Spanish Fork High showed their school pride, and learned so much about the Deaf Culture. There was no talking, but there was laughing and communication throughout the entire experience. The team got T-shirts and certificates, and did not get back home until 10:30 PM that night. The deaf Culture is rich and wonderful, and these students got to have a taste of it.

The SFHS Instrumental Music Classes Hold Their Final Concert

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Aaron Jolly
Orchestra Practices for Concert

The past months of hard yet entertaining work made by the SFHS instrumental music classes met their climax on Wednesday night, May 11th, at 7:00 PM. Music that originated from many different time periods was performed that night, ranging from Star wars and Pirates of the Caribbean to Finlandia and Carnival of the Animals.
Ms. Magelby, the instrumental music instructor at SFHS, worked the students in both Band and Orchestra extremely hard over the last two weeks, and the results turned out to be great. In the words of one of the fathers of a student, John Jolly said, “I've seen college symphonies have a hard time with 'Finlandia,' but [the SFHS symphony] did a phenomenal job!”
The 2011 school year was full of challenges and successes for both the Orchestra and the Band; and though the instrumental music program has struggled recently due to the new high schools being built, the determination shown by the students at SFHS has kept it going strong. The future can be sure to see many more concerts such as this one.

Yearbooks Distributed at SFHS

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Ashley Voss
Yearbook signing

On May 20th, the students of SFHS were finally given their much anticipated yearbooks after getting out of school early to exchange and sign books, some saying goodbye for the last time. Seniors were given their books first, leaving juniors and sophomores to wait impatiently for a half hour that seemed like a lifetime. “This year’s yearbook was poppin’. It was better than last year’s, and the year before,” exclaimed Lavi Tuita, a senior happy about receiving her yearbook. Students continue to sign each others’ books for the future, and even for their children to see and most likely make fun of.

Scholarship Assembly Honors Students at SFHS

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Ashley Voss

On May 17, Spanish Fork High School held their assembly honoring those students who received scholarships for various skills, academics, volunteer work, and talents. All seniors gathered to watch their fellow scholars walk onstage and accept their papers from a representative of the scholarship, as well as shake hands (and even give hugs) to the administration and councilors. Loud rounds of applause were given as each student’s name was announced, everyone knowing the struggles and hard work put into the academic excellence needed for the financial support of college. There were dozens upon dozens awarded to the magnificent students of Spanish Fork High School, leaving big shoes to fill for next year’s seniors. The total number of academic scholarships for SFHS given away at the assembly $793,656. Our students are amazing!


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